From the E22 Collection, the ON DEMAND option is AVAILABLE. On request it is possible to have the fabric and certified yarn. A guarantee of sustainability that involves the entire supply chain.

Over 80% of our fabrics, both collection and exclusive, can be GOTS certified, choosing Pima GOTS cotton that is grown with methods that have a low impact on the environment, without pesticides or fertilizers and with guaranteed traceability, both of the raw material and all stages of production. The GOTS ON DEMAND logo on the color card or quality types indicates that all designs / variants of that item can be certified GOTS on request.

The OCS ON DEMAND logo is found on all color cards  that have fabrics that can be produced upon request with OCS certification, both 100 and Blended.

The GRS ON DEMAND logo is found on all color cards of fabrics that can be produced with regenerated yarn.

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